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Try our Sample Test - Game Protection Myths HERE to see how you and your staff do!
Use password "George" for access to the Sample Test.
More Sample Tests to try: Sample Test 01 | Sample Test 02 | Sample Test - Advantage Play | Sample Test - Card Counting. The password for all Sample Tests is "George".

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a good chance your question has an answer below.
1What is the online training course password?
Contact us for an account and password to begin accessing our entire Online Gaming Testing and Materials Library.
2Will I receive a certificate of completion after passing a training test?
All WCC training programs include unlimited access to ongoing website Quizzes, Tests & Final Exams. Certificates are awarded at the successful completion of initial training programs and thereafter upon passing Final Exams.
3Do you offer training for casino departments other than surveillance & casino staff?
Yes, you might be surprised to know that Slot Cheating & Player Club Fraud are an epidemic in the gaming industry. WCC Offers Training in regards to: Casino Cage & Count Room Security, Slot Player Club Fraud (Audit Personnel Should Attend), and New Games Dealer Training.
4Do you offer casino dealer training for existing staff?
Your casino dealers meet more customers in a day than any Vice President. I describe my approach to Dealer Training as "Borrowing Your Wristwatch & Telling The Dealer What Time It Is". Casino Dealer Training is typically a shorter time frame, and concentrates on: Critical Game Procedures for Each Game, How to Increase and Maintain Hands Per Hour for Each Game, and Customer Service Issues.
5Do you offer Advanced Training for Key Personnel?
WCC Offers a series of programs for your Core Personnel: A.) "Why Do We Only Catch Amateurs?" B.) "Advantage Play for All Casino Games" C.) "Game Protection Myths & Misconceptions". Through a series of interactive questions with your core staff, we debunk many of the widely held but erroneous game protection procedures and ideas. This program is meant for your Type A individuals because they will be asked to evaluate dozens of game protection issues.
6Do you train a blend of Casino Personnel & Surveillance?
When we train Casino Personnel exclusively, we concentrate on Table Game Procedures, Hands Per Hour & "How to Watch a Game You Never Dealt". For surveillance & law enforcement, we concentrate more on training Break-In Surveillance Personnel, suspect activity investigations, video review and "How to Watch a Game You Never Dealt". If both departments attend, we create a blend of material for the two.
7What training classes should surveillance personnel attend?
A Crap Dealer doesn't need to know what happens in a Casino Cage. Cage personnel are not aware of Back of the House Issues. Surveillance needs to know "Every Bodies Business". I suggest surveillance attend all training classes.
8What is the largest class size available?
WCC can ensure training for any size venue from a board room to a ballroom. We work with your AV Department and/or bring our own audio/video equipment needs.
9Can you do an in-person visit to train our team?
Yes, live Game Protection Training and New Games Training has been at the core of WCC business for over 30 years.
10Do you do virtual classes?
Any WCC Program can be conducted via ZOOM.

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