Integrity Audits

Court-qualified as the industry’s leading expert, George knows how to sniff out the cracks in your security procedures. He has designed and installed some of the largest surveillance systems in the gaming world.

A maven in his own right, George will use his astute knowledge to help clue you in on game protection and operation issues you may not even have realized were a problem. On the other hand, his integrity audit could also prove that your current policies and procedures are solidly secure—giving your organization peace of mind.

While conducting an integrity audit, which can be done in collaboration with your surveillance and internal auditing departments, George focuses his investigation on evaluating these critical areas:

  • existing game procedures
  • casino personnel’s adherence to policies
  • dealing techniques
  • time & motion studies
  • susceptibility to shuffle tracking or advantage play
  • surveillance department practices, procedures & daily operating policies
  • overall game security

Don’t give hustlers a break. Protect your business by contacting George Joseph today.