Casino Personnel: Game Protection Seminar

For years, he has conducted widely accepted classes for casino personnel, universities and law enforcement agencies throughout the globe. His vast knowledge and street sense coupled with a witty sense of humor and a unique approach have launched him into becoming the best in the industry.

Using live demonstrations and actual casino videotapes, George recreates “real world” gaming scenarios to give staff members hands-on, eye-opening training: marked cards, loaded and gaffed dice, as well as card-counting computers and electronic cheating devices.

George covers it all—from 21, Baccarat and craps to roulette and Pai Gow poker—exposing some of the most powerful cheating methods to date like . . .

  • false shuffles & cuts
  • stacking the deck
  • Gilbreth Principal
  • handmucking
  • natural wraps
  • peeking, flashing & spooking
  • marked cards—in play, from the inside & teams
  • dealer-player collusion
  • wheel tracking & unbalanced wheels
  • lammer scams
  • dice switching & loaded dice
  • gaffed dice & phony bets
  • Plus too many others to mention.

He’ll also incorporate common-sense gaming procedures and dealing techniques so your staff will be empowered to overcome, detect and eliminate popular casino scams.

And for those needing to take a giant step beyond this strong foundation, George can also lead a Core Group of casino employees into even more intensive training. This select group will learn the modus-operandi of advanced casino cheating methods and Advantage Play techniques.

Scam artists are smart—you and your staff have to be smarter. Contact George Joseph today and obtain a copy of his presentation outline used for these information-packed seminars.

Contact George Joseph for a proposal to conduct this game protection seminar focused for casino personnel.