Casino Personnel: Game Protection SEminar

Crack down on crime—with a George Joseph game protection seminar.

For years, he has conducted widely accepted classes for casino personnel, universities and law enforcement agencies throughout the globe. His vast knowledge and street sense coupled with a witty sense of humor and a unique approach have launched him into becoming the best in the industry.

Using live demonstrations and actual casino videotapes, George recreates “real world” gaming scenarios to give staff members hands-on, eye-opening training: marked cards, loaded and gaffed dice, as well as card-counting computers and electronic cheating devices.

George covers it all—from 21, Baccarat and craps to roulette and Pai Gow poker—exposing some of the most powerful cheating methods to date like . . .

  • false shuffles & cuts

  • stacking the deck

  • Gilbreth Principal

  • handmucking

  • natural wraps

  • peeking, flashing & spooking

  • marked cards—in play, from the inside & teams

  • dealer-player collusion

  • wheel tracking & unbalanced wheels

  • lammer scams

  • dice switching & loaded dice

  • gaffed dice & phony bets

  • Plus too many others to mention.

He’ll also incorporate common-sense gaming procedures and dealing techniques so your staff will be empowered to overcome, detect and eliminate popular casino scams.

And for those needing to take a giant step beyond this strong foundation, George can also lead a Core Group of casino employees into even more intensive training. This select group will learn the modus-operandi of advanced casino cheating methods and Advantage Play techniques.

Scam artists are smart—you and your staff have to be smarter. Contact George Joseph today and obtain a copy of his presentation outline used for these information-packed seminars.

Contact George Joseph for a proposal to conduct this game protection seminar focused for casino personnel.

Dealer training: Game protection seminar

A one-two knockout combination customer service training & game protection in one seminar.

What do the following major casino scams have in common?

  • $3,000,000 Baccarat Scam

  • $1,500,00 False Shuffle Scam

  • $1,000,000 Marker Scam

  • $500,000 Dice Scam

  • $3,000,000 Chip Cup Scam

  • $1,500,000 Camera up the Sleeve

  • $1,900,000 Marked Card Scam

  • $500,000 Baccarat Peek Scam

George Joseph was brought into the investigation as an Expert Witness to help prosecute the cheaters.

a game protection seminar designed for casino dealers
presented by George Joseph

Who meets more of your customers in a day . . . your Vice President or your Dealers? This is the first Game Protection Seminar designed specifically for casino dealers. Outside cheating moves are demonstrated live and sound gaming procedures are demonstrated and explained.

Did you know you can defeat most casino cheats if dealers follow strong game procedures? Well the same holds true in the battle against “Advantage Players.”

Games included are Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Poker, Pai Gow Tiles, Carnival Games, Advantage Play

a customer service program aimed at your “front line” employees
presented by Vic Taucer

How would most of your staff describe the function of a dealer? If the answer to our question is “grind work,” “get ‘em in the air,” “dummy up and deal” then you need the Dealer as and Entertainer program.

The Dealer as an Entertainer program redefines the role of your most important asset . . . your dealers. It introduces and reinforces the concept of entertainment-based training and thought process for your casino dealers and floor personnel. Your employees will begin to see the dealing job not as factory work but rather as performance work. Your operation and subsequent training methods should be based upon entertainment and a performance style thought process.

Vic Taucer, President of Casino Creations is also a Professor of Casino Management for the University and Community College System of Nevada. A noted author and speaker at most of the major casino gaming trade shows; Vic is also a columnist for many gaming publications.

A Check Up From The Neck Up

  • Attitude Adjustment

  • Body Language

  • Communication Skills

  • Matching

  • Pacing

  • Leading

  • Customer’s Perceptions

  • Difficult Customers

  • Customer Venting

  • Calling in Support

  • Service Standards for Table Game Employees

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Scripting

  • Timing

  • Proactive Listening

  • Correct Humor

  • Entertainment Based Training for Your Casino Staff

Contact George Joseph for a proposal to conduct this game protection seminar focused for casino personnel.

Expert witness testimony

George is court-qualified as the casino industry’s leading expert in surveillance and casino cheating.

He has testified and demonstrated scam methods in major casino cheating cases worldwide. Witty and armed with street sense, George regularly lectures and consults for police agencies as well as gaming regulators, both in the States and on foreign shores. He has been the Director of Surveillance at major Las Vegas casinos and was on the Board of Directors and Ethics Committee of the Nevada Polygraph Association.

When the casino experts need an expert, they call George D. Joseph. Contact him today with your expert witness testimony needs.

Fraud investigations

Casino scams cost you money. Cut out fraud with a George Joseph investigation.

Hard Fact:
Casino scams cost you money.

Sound Solution: 
Cut out fraud with a George Joseph investigation.

George’s proven aptitude has made him an expert witness in numerous court cases. In fact, his highly regarded courtroom testimony and expert opinion has been used in such high-stakes cases as:

  • $1,000,000 Marker Scam: Camera up the Sleeve Scam

  • $500,000 Baccarat Scam: Location Cut Scam

  • $3,000,000 Chip Cup Scam: Hop Bet Dice Scam

  • $3,000,000 Baccarat Shoe Scam: False Shuffle Scams

  • $1,500,000 Marked Card Scam: Hyland Shuffle Tracking Team

  • $2,000,000 Microwave Scam: Roulette Wheel Section Scam

He’s even court-qualified as the casino industries’ leading expert on surveillance and casino cheating.

If your corporation is preparing for a case, George’s expert help can ease the way by discussing possible defense arguments and discovering evidence weaknesses.

In such a critical time, there’s a lot at risk—like your casino’s money.

George Joseph’s knowledge is so well-respected, he has made numerous television appearances.

When the casino experts need an expert, they call George D. Joseph. Contact him today with your video tape review needs.

Integrity audits

Is your casino really secure? Find out with a George Joseph integrity audit.

Court-qualified as the industry’s leading expert, George knows how to sniff out the cracks in your security procedures. He has designed and installed some of the largest surveillance systems in the gaming world.

A maven in his own right, George will use his astute knowledge to help clue you in on game protection and operation issues you may not even have realized were a problem. On the other hand, his integrity audit could also prove that your current policies and procedures are solidly secure—giving your organization peace of mind.

While conducting an integrity audit, which can be done in collaboration with your surveillance and internal auditing departments, George focuses his investigation on evaluating these critical areas:

  • existing game procedures

  • casino personnel’s adherence to policies

  • dealing techniques

  • time & motion studies

  • susceptibility to shuffle tracking or advantage play

  • surveillance department practices, procedures & daily operating policies

  • overall game security

Don’t give hustlers a break. Protect your business by contacting George Joseph today.

Surveillance training

A game protection seminar focused for surveillance training personnel.

Contact George Joseph for a proposal to conduct this game protection seminar focused for surveillance training personnel.


Why are so many casino scams caught on video, but the “bad guys” get away with the money?

Contact George Joseph and find out. Here are just a few of his accomplishments that have been part of the reason casinos call George to review their surveillance videos:

  • Director of Surveillance at major Las Vegas casinos

  • Expert Witness on several major cheating prosecutions

  • Board of Directors & Ethics Committee, Nevada Polygraph Association

  • Lecturer & Trainer for casinos and law enforcement

When the casino experts need an expert, they call George D. Joseph. Contact him today with your video review needs.

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