Author of several books as well as producer of videos on DVD and computer programs, George is often asked to appear on major network television shows and in feature videos. He puts his expertise to work, enlightening and empowering others through various media.



Vegas lounge cut

George Joseph moved to Las Vegas in 1974, and soon his picture was in the entertainment magazines next to Frank Sinatra and Liberace. He met an American icon, Joe Louis, the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, then married his daughter Candice.

Vegas has changed from suit coats and evening gowns to bikini clad dealers and sexy girls on stripper poles. George Joseph was there for it all. This book contains 400 entertaining Las Vegas jokes, stories and memories from the Old Days to the world of Vegas today.

George Joseph has been featured as the worldwide expert on several national television and cable specials which featured casino cheating.


Ace in the Hole

Learn from the Master of the Games. Discover the ins and outs of Texas Hold’em and Poker Cheating, how to recognize it happening, and how to avoid it. George Joseph has all the answers.

George Joseph has been featured on national television and cable specials which featured casino cheating and has been a consultant to casinos around the world.


Why Shouldn’t a Woman wear red in a casino?

Go behind the scenes in Las Vegas with the world’s expert on Casino surveillance and gambling. George Joseph has been a consultant to casinos around the world, as well as to law enforcement, from the FBI to State Police and Gaming Boards. Learn all the things you ever wanted to know as well as the things you never thought to ask.

George Joseph is an expert in casino surveillance and gaming protection.


The Effects of Marked Cards

Baccarat is vulnerable to cheating because of high limits traditionally offered at luxury casinos. Marked cards are one area of cheating used by high rollers to influence outcomes. Casino expert George Joseph has done a computer study on the effects of Marked Cards in a Baccarat Game so security experts and casino personnel can understand how to recognize and combat the phenomenon.

George is court-qualified as the casino industry’s leading expert in surveillance and casino cheating.


Hand mucking

Hand Mucking is a way of cheating where a person removes cards from the table and hides it away for later use. George Joseph lays out the ways it is done in various games, and how to recognize it.

George Joseph provides trainings in Game Protection to casino dealers and other personnel to ensure the security of the games.

Media Production

Videos on DVD and computer programs about:

  • Card & Dice Cheats

  • Casino Cheating

  • Card Counting

Television Appearances

George Joseph’s knowledge is so well-respected, he has made numerous television appearances, including:

  • “Inside Casinos”

  • Criss Angel “Mind Freak”

  • Dateline NBC

  • Fox TV’s “America’s Most Wanted”

  • 48 Hours

  • A&E’s

    • “The Gamble in the Desert”

    • “The House of Cards”

  • CNBC’s “Watch Your Pockets”

  • Discovery Channel’s “History of Las Vegas”

  • The Learning Channel’s:

    • “Secrets of Las Vegas”

    • “Cheating Las Vegas”

    • “Secret History of Las Vegas”

    • “Inside Las Vegas”