Wherever there’s gambling, a card shark or scam artist isn’t far behind.


You can count on it. But that doesn’t mean your casino has to be victimized. George Joseph’s Worldwide Casino Consulting services help you and your corporation pop the lid on casino crime with a proactive approach.

George Joseph Seminars unravel the mystery and expose the most popular and exotic cheating techniques so you and your personnel can stop hustlers in their tracks.


Casino Personnel: game protection seminar

Crack down on crime — with a George Joseph game protection seminar.


Dealer Training: Game Protection SEminar

A one-two knockout combination customer service training and game protection in one seminar.


Expert witness testimony

George is court-qualified as the casino industry’s leading expert on surveillance and casino cheating.


Fraud investigations

Casino scams cost you money. Cut out fraud with a George Joseph investigation.


Integrity audits

Is your casino really secure? Find out with a George Joseph integrity audit.


Surveillance Training

A game protection seminar focused for surveillance training personnel.


Video Review

Why are so many casino scams caught on video, but the “bad guys” get away with the money?


Online Training

Training Links, Practice Drills, Training Videos, and Gaming Cheating Info at your fingertips.