The depth of knowledge George Joseph has doesn’t come quickly—or easily. Back when he was 13 and dabbling in magic, George met an old vaudevillian and ex-grifter who taught him card and dice cheating methods.

Years of ardent practice and self-denial—not to mention a few close calls with local police gambling raids—passed by until George finally left Detroit and headed westward to Las Vegas in 1974. He became the resident close-up magician at the Aladdin, Dunes and Tropicana Hotels and even sang in the lounges around town. Ironically, his experience in gambling and cheating methods eventually led him to turn the tables on crime, becoming quite active in gaming surveillance.

Today, George is court-qualified as the casino industry’s leading expert in surveillance and casino cheating. He has testified and demonstrated scam methods in major casino cheating cases worldwide. Witty and armed with street sense, George regularly lectures and consults for police agencies as well as gaming regulators, both in the States and on foreign shores. He has been the Director of Surveillance at major Las Vegas casinos and was on the Board of Directors and Ethics Committee of the Nevada Polygraph Association.

Author of four books as well as producer of videos on DVD and computer programs, George is often asked to appear on major network television shows.

George Joseph puts his expertise to work, enlightening and empowering others through various media.


  • The 101 Most Asked Questions About Texas Hold'em and Poker Cheating
  • The 101 Most Asked Questions About Las Vegas & Casino Gambling
  • The Effects of Marked Cards In Baccarat
  • Handmucking, The Art Of Switching Cards

PRODUCED:  videos on DVD & computer programs about:

  • Card & Dice Cheats
  • Casino Cheating
  • Card Counting